IBRAF Presidency

22 January, 2016

Dr. Judhariksawan Amier Syarifuddin, the President of Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia / KPI (The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission), was unanimously elected as the term-President of IBRAF.

KPI become the President of IBRAF

Jakarta - The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) is believed to be the President IBRAF (OIC Broadcasting Authority Regulatory Forum). It was set in IBRAF annual meeting held in Jeddah last 12-13 January 2016. The occasion attended by Judhariksawan as the chairman of KPI and by other KPI commissioner, Danang Sangga Buwana, Amiruddin and Azimah Subagijo.

IBRAF itself is the forum for discussion and exchange of information related to media and its regulation among OIC member countries. Given its nature as a discussion forum, it is not legally binding and politically. In this fourth annual meeting, IBRAF discussed the issue of Public Service Media (PSM) and broadcasting principles.

Following the division of OIC countries, consisting 3 regions namely, Asia, Middle East and Africa, then the position of president of IBRAF will also rotating annually. Turkey was the first President of IBRAF to represent Asian region and also serves as the Secretary General of IBRAF until now. Saudi Arabia later became the second President of IBRAF to represent Middle East region and Morocco became the third President of IBRAF to representative of Africa region.

Until now, the membership of IBRAF has reached 30 countries adding Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Malaysia and Mozambique whose membership was set at the fourth annual meeting of IBRAF.

In 2016, the office of the Presidency becomes the turn of Asian region. Indonesia through KPI was given the mandate and unanimously believed to be the President of IBRAF and lead this forum for a year. KPI is expected to organize an annual meeting in the last quarter of 2016. During the fourth annual meeting, the handover of IBRAF Presidency done symbolically from Amina Lemrini (Morocco) to Judhariksawan, chairman of KPI. As the given trust from IBRAF member, Jhuda expect support in order to provide the best.