Ms. Latifa Akharbach was appointed as the President of the "Haute autorité de la communication audiovisuelle" (HACA of Morocco)

02 November, 2018

On 3.12.2018, King Mohammed VI appointed Ms. Latifa Akharbach as President of the "Haute autorité de la communication audiovisuelle" (HACA of Morocco) who took over the position from Ms. Amina Lemrini. King Mohammed VI has also appointed Mr. Benaissa Asloune as Director General of the Audiovisual Communication.


New members of the HACA are as follows:

  • Ms. Narjiss Reghay, Mr. Jaafar Kansoussi, Mr. Ali Bakkali Hassani and Mr. Abdelkader Chaoui, who were also appointed by the Sovereign;
  • Ms. Fatima Baroudi and Mr. Khalil El Alami Idrissi, who were appointed by the Head of Government;
  • Ms. Badia Radi, appointed by the President of the House of Representatives;
  • Mr. Mohamed El Maazouz, appointed by the President of the Chamber of Counselors.


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