General Director Mr. Öztürk's Statement Regarding the Ongoing Attacks of the Israeli Security Forces Against al-Aqsa Mosque

12 May, 2021

Dear Respectful Members of IBRAF,

I would like to extend best regards to all IBRAF Member Authorities.


As it is known, just a few days ago, the Holy City of AL-QUDS faced with the illegal occupation and attacks of Israel. AL-QUDS is a city of peace where members of different religions have lived together in peace and tranquillity throughout history. The occupation and expansion policy initiated by Israel in disregard of international law has eliminated the atmosphere of peace, security and trust in AL-QUDS. This is an unacceptable situation for Palestine and the Islamic World. 


This situation was handled by the OIC in an urgent meeting and the relevant communique was made. As an affiliate body of OIC, we share this statement and present to the attention of all our members.


In this context, I believe and urge that member states will do their part and media in member states will take full consideration in spreading what’s happening in AL-QUDS. I hope that Israel will end these acts of terrorism and occupation as soon as possible. 


On this occasion, I congratulate your Eid al-Fitr, and wholeheartedly hope to celebrate our future Eids with a free Palestinian state from which Israel is withdrawn from its land as a whole.


With greetings and prayers.


Nurullah ÖZTÜRK

General Director of IBRAF